What do we do exactly?

 We’ll get to that question in a minute. First, let’s talk about what we can do.

We have just about any tool that you can imagine to make and customize basically anything. We have fiber lasers to deep-engrave metal. We have CO2 lasers to engrave and etch organic materials. We cut our own steel using a CNC plasma machine. We have state-of-the-art software and in-house designers. We even have a full powder coating shop. In other words, we don’t outsource anything. We take pride in being able to take raw materials and turn them into showpieces. Quite simply, we love to create, and we look forward to going to “work” every day. It doesn’t hurt that our warehouse is over-the-top rad, complete with a basketball court, grand piano, and 200 inch screen for watching our Cougs and Jazz!

We found early on however, that having so many tools at our disposal can be both a blessing and a curse. One of the cardinal sins of start-up businesses is stretching themselves too thin and not being able to focus on the products/ideas that will be the most productive and lucrative. Pot, meet Kettle. If you don’t know what I mean, I invite you to read the previous paragraph again.

What a conundrum! We are three brothers who love creating so much that we left our other careers (asset manager, general contractor, and fine jewelry store management) to start this business. If we aren’t able to try new/crazy/revolutionary ideas every day, then Michael, we’ve made a huge mistake. And then we had the epiphany: Instead of focusing on a few products and selling to the masses, what if we did the exact opposite? Let’s take on very few clients, but provide them with unrivaled customer service and attention, and take any of their needs and requests and knock them out of the park! Engraving tumblers for their Christmas gifts? You got it. Create fully-custom, 3D steel desk toppers for them to gift to their clients? No problem. Make a 14’ lighted sign for the outside of their building? Coming right up! Last-minute retirement ring because you forgot about the party this afternoon? Bring it on.

Gone are the days of having a need, finding a company (or companies) to give a quote, working with salespeople, designers, and waiting weeks or even months to have a product. Welcome to Vandyland, where you give us an idea today, and tomorrow we give you a finished product guaranteed to impress. That last sentence was mainly illustrative but has actually happened a time or two. For example: Hey guys, can you design - from scratch - a 40” metal football jersey with multiple layers, powder coated with 4 colors, and include a laser-engraved holographic plaque? Oh, and can you have it done by tomorrow? Done and done. We are selective about who we take on as clients since the relationship has to be mutually beneficial and reciprocal. Once it has been established, we guarantee that you will have the highest level of customer service, matched with the highest quality of products. It’s the least we could do. After all, you’re enabling us to do what we do best: create.