Custom Projects and Requests

Would you like us to create something custom for you? We have -- in house -- the following services:

-- Professional Designers

-- CO2 Lasers (For Organic Matter)

-- Fiber Lasers (For Metal)

-- CNC Plasma Machine (For Cutting Any Metal Up to 5' X 11' and 1" Thick)

-- Spray Booths

-- Full Powder Coating Shop

-- Full Metal Shop

-- Professional Vinyl Cutting Machine

.....not to mention the raddest work space ever!

If you have a custom project in mind, please click here to submit a request form.  Please be as detailed as you can in your request.  For example:  "I would like 24 stainless steel stockings approximately 12 inches tall, powder coated red, with each of my grandchildren's names laser-engraved on them."  or  "I would like to bring my executive team for a 2 hour training in your warehouse, and allow each of my 12 employees to bring something for you to engrave."

Note:  Although we are capable of any job big or small, we manage our time wisely to ensure that we are making the best use of our talents and abilities.  We appreciate everyone who takes the time to reach out, and we do our best to work with everyone.  However, not all requests will be a good fit, as our most important resource -- time -- is limited.  Check out some samples of our custom jobs!

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